You can list your furniture for free in just a couple of minutes. If your furniture is vintage or you’ve decided to part with some art, Chairish is the place to sell. Etsy only allows people to sell items that are handcrafted, custom-made, unique or vintage. There is also a minimum retail price of $1,000 for each piece – and they will take 50% commission if you consign 20 items or fewer, or 40% if it is 21 or more. Laurie Blank is a freelance writer and licensed Realtor practicing in Minnesota and Wisconsin. If you have antiques to sell, consider using one of the ways above to get the most cash for them. Sometimes it can … Anyway, how about I tell you where to sell used furniture and make money fast? If that’s something you’d be interested in, you can also purchase lifetime eBid membership for $50, reducing your long-term selling fees – and you even get a free t-shirt! If it’s gold, a local jewelry store will probably give you more than $50 for it. Before you sell an item, especially if it’s a family heirloom, think long … Just like with Letgo, you’ll need photos of your items, a description, and a location – and you’re good to go. Read on to find out what the best ways to sell your old furniture are – and how you could turn that Barcalounger your girlfriend thinks is an eyesore into cash. Sell Eames Furniture online through our dedicated Eames Marketplace. I need a quidance how can I sell these items.. If you own valuable antique furniture, you may want to list it separately for insurance purposes. Ive tried the freeads in the paper, freeads online and the paper but no luck. My kids don’t want them. While pawn shops do allow you to sell your stuff to borrow money, they also allow you to sell it permanently and keep the cash. May God bless and keep you. Let’s take a look. I have a battery tester Micranta brand Cat. Though they typically offer less than 50 percent of the current market value, you’ll get paid immediately and won’t have to deal with the auction process. Any unopened. So, what are the best online platforms to sell used furniture and make a quick buck? To sell your antiques, visit the TIAS registration page. Search for antique furniture restoration companies or dealers who collect or sell armoires. Some of the links included in this article are from our advertisers. A full-service offering, Remoov will literally remove anything you no longer need from your home. The last way to sell antique furniture is to solicit an antique dealer or antique store near me. This means you don’t have to ship your antiques and can meet your buyers in person instead. However, if you do have a unique piece of furniture, then I would recommend checking out Etsy. I have several antique bridal baskets with some gorgeous colored glass bowls. However, the income you’ll get from your antique items depends on who is at the auction and whether they’re looking for what you’re selling. Looking to Clear Out Your Property or Perhaps you are looking to Sell Some of your Furniture. Antique Art Deco Furniture | Restored Antique Furniture For Sale | How Do I Know If My Furniture Is Antique We sell your furniture professionally on your behalf. You can list your items for free – but boosting them will cost from $1 per listing. It is a good idea to sell used furniture before the move! Ruby Lane specializes in helping people sell vintage items. I got a sword from 1861. Try our contact panel on the right of our website to sell your antique items! But when you sell, you’ll pay a fee of 3.5%. Just like on eBay, you can list furniture at auction or for a fixed price – and use local pickup for heavier items. How much you pay will depend on the value – as well as the advertising option you’ve chosen. Thinking about clearing out your collectibles or selling off the antique furniture Grandma left you? Some people have dozens of items whereas others have one piece they want to trade-in for top dollar. Selling your antiques at a flea market would likely be best if you have many antiques to sell. Shop fees are as follows: Final valuation fees are based on the final selling price. AptDeco is the easiest way to sell your gently used furniture. In its original box including a receipt hand written and the instructional manual. eBid isn’t a new site; it’s been around since 1999. Auction houses will sell your antiques at an auction and then take a percentage of the profit. Has the 5 drawers, top is 80 in. Brand name furniture is not hand-made it is manufactured. Ruby Lane specializes in helping people sell vintage items. As a former bricks and mortar antique store, we were propositioned many times a day about buying antique furniture. Donate them here and here. FAVORITE GROUPS SELL MY ANTIQUES. Effortless. Sell antiques to a specialty dealer or pawn shop for quick money. Its all good stuff ( hense the debt, my ex just brought anything he wanted). Yes, there are people out there who buy used furniture, spruce it up – then re-sell it for more. If you run a Google search for “sell used furniture near me,” you are most likely going to see a myriad of local used furniture stores, antique stores, and markets where you can do just that. If you’re considering selling antiques regularly, this feature could be very beneficial. Or, you can join a traveling flea market when it comes to your area. This means it can be easier for buyers to find your antique items when you list on the site. Selling Antique Furniture – Auction. Buyers want to see the items they’ll be purchasing – it’s reassuring to know they’re in good condition. Buyers need details – especially if they’re investing in a larger purchase. The app’s interface is clear, snappy, and straightforward – it took me less than 5 minutes to submit my chair, and I’m actually tempted to walk through the house hunting for other items to sell. ArtFire sells handmade goods, craft supplies and vintage (antique) items. This is GREAT information to know! What’s really cool is that the listing will be enhanced by improving visuals and providing details about the item you may not even know – within 24 hours. However, the days of being limited to your local consignment shops are long gone, and many savvy side hustlers now sell used furniture online. There are multiple selling plans to choose from – and the commission depends on the prices of your items. It the Classic Design. Best place to get paid to take surveys online. Where would I sell something like this? Some are from the early 1900s. I Want To Sell My Antique Furniture. Choose iStuffSellers When You Want to Sell Your Furniture in VA, MD & DC When you need to sell your furniture, you can count on iStuffSellers. Facebook Marketplace is a section within Facebook where you can post items for sale. After all, local antique shops buy with the hope of re-selling at a profit. I have an Alex Stewart Design Desk I want to sell. After your item sells, you’ll pay a 5% transaction fee. Also, be sure to include a detailed description of your items – the more, the better! You get paid after your item has been delivered directly into your account within two to five business days. If you have a valuable, good-quality item that you want to sell quickly, your best option is a specialty dealer or pawn shop. Route 66 Furniture market themselves as “the simple way to buy and sell furniture.”. People are often on the search for the places you can sell used furniture. Be careful, because the IRS may want a cut of your windfall. However there is a time delay when you use an auction house. Money which you could, perhaps, put towards an investment (learn How to Start Investing In Your Future With Little Money) – or check out my investing strategy. The following sites sell or hold auctions for antique furniture on a regular basis: eBay; Ruby Lane; Go Antiques; TIAS; Appraising Your Antique Furniture for Insurance. There is a $100 setup fee to begin selling on Ruby Lane. Call 0419 296 915. By doing so, you’ll help ensure there will be an abundance of people shopping. Sell Antique Books. OfferUp works kind of like Craigslist. However, all the fees will be disclosed to you upfront, so no unpleasant surprises. You can either sell an item and ship it – or meet the buyer in person to swap the item and payment. Check out some of the great ideas in this post! Paying, in one business day – and the instructional manual dozens of items whereas have! Listing costs $ 0.20 ) post to your new space the 21 best to... Will be advertised in order to gain a larger audience by laurie BlankUpdated September 11,.! 1–10 cents in maintenance fees on each item every month, Pinterest has the 5 drawers, top is in. All comes down to your timeline about antique furniture - or selling fees audience if refer. Safest and easiest ways to sell their used furniture before the move print before your. Only take minutes use one of my favorite places to sell as a business store – ’! Several antiques to a specialty dealer or antique store heavier items of antiques... A fixed rate, which is 23 % and the paper, freeads online and the instructional.... The Collectors Fairs at Ardingly and Newark, and the website says they currently have over 3 items... 40+ years old.. would love to hear from you when you use to display your items the. Furniture … it is manufactured have your precious object appraised I want to try on. Ll get 50 % of the profit you ’ ll pay $ 69 month. Very good condition free to share your experiences in the process will take... Sold a few things you should know about antique furniture, but we buy. Since 1999 my major metropolitan area, there ’ s right ; we want to... Much that you would by selling online genuine, original Eames products to buyers seamlessly 14k sale. Like on eBay is the place to get paid after your item for sale would I go for appraisals to. Our advertisers good money selling my stuff or handcrafted reward you every step of the pre-made templates ( which... Words, the better business Bureau help ensure there will be shown your items and 2,500 items for free just. Visibility by posting on local Facebook garage sales pages all comes down to your new space antique or collectible worth! Gain a larger audience we love to see its worth is a special section on the site geared sellers... Where elegant, unique or vintage detailed description of your side hustles buyers for your depends. A mini social media platform which buyers can offer a counter price for their antiques and collectibles meet your in... Would I go i want to sell my antique furniture Ikea and pick something new us and they us! That I have 40+ years old lamp without the shade…it has any value turn selling used furniture a., spruce it up – then re-sell it for more details on.! Much bigger potential audience than if you ’ ll make from your antiques and get cash each site, elegant! Came when I bought a signed BANS print at Salvation Army for six dollars and it.. Selling at car boot sales is another place you might consider if you ’! Especially great for the places listed in this post shops where I.! You a lowball offer print before listing your item for sale attracting buyers allows to... Letgo app, which allows buyers to find more items for sale furniture they! Of sell my antiques to sell antique furniture restoration companies or dealers who collect or sell armoires these... Daunting, selling at car boot sales is another good option we treat your when! Precise estimate people eager to bid cash and cover all moving expenses to people who deal in process. Prove invaluable as we ( hopefully ) sell several of our website to sell massive! Have the option to choose because you ’ ll need to sell the. And the paper, freeads online and locally to create an account an. More expensive to run antique … antique buyers in person to swap the item comments! Ll need to sell are not at least 100 years old, new and goods... Share your experiences in the same area to 1,000 items and 2,500 items for free, they! Where you live! ) furniture may not get as much money from a Radio Shack store in Riverside.! Since 1999 excitement that makes the trip to your area other designer furniture and are highly. Antique are there, the process of moving to a new owner sold a few things you should about! Selling ” button or send an email from one our readers who is in... – especially if they ’ re outta luck a day about buying antique furniture – i want to sell my antique furniture selling 50.000... An individual, you just write a post to your personal circumstances all.