MADISON'S TOMB. Captains: ORANGE COUNTY, VIRGINIA History -VA History & Genealogy - $18.28. The county is named for Lord Thomas Culpeper and Brian Hitt and Andrew Farnam. JOHN HAMMOND H. The overseers' sons would be at the same desk, when desks were to be had, and in the same classes with the planters' sons; and ordinarily " the three R's " would constitute the curriculum, though Latin was taught to all who wished to learn it. 1735. At nine in the morning, we set out from Mr. Beverley's. R. C. WEBB PICKENS, JOHN In 1758 an expedition, the second one, was set on foot for the capture of Fort Duquesne, (the modern Pittsburg, then believed to be in the limits of Augusta County), under General Forbes, a British officer. NATHANIEL MILLS, as captain vice V. Daniel, resigned. TERRILL, ROBT., M. CRITTENDEN MAUPIN, L. Also an order to William Parker to distribute the county salt so that each inhabitant receive fifteen pounds; charging eight cents a pound for the first ten pounds, and ten cents a pound for the remainder. LINNEY, C. B. LEE, LAFAYETTE He was a tall and very spare, old man. LANCASTER, THOS. CHAS. CRAWFORD, WM. He complained that the Colonel starves his works out of whimsicalness and frugality, endeavouring to do everything with his own people, and at the same time taking them off upon every vagary that comes into his head. We eat very good wild grapes. When he rose to speak, the members, old as well as young, left their seats, and, like children about to receive the words of wisdom from the lips of an aged father, gathered around him. ATKINS, HUGH "A Muster Roll of Capt. 1907 HISTORY & Genealogy ORANGE County Virginia VA - $7.98. REUBEN NEWMAN, JR. HENRY CLARK BENJA. PEYTON, GEO. The first survey for its extension was through Swift Run Gap to Harrisonburg, but Albemarle and Augusta legislators got it diverted to Staunton, thereby losing the bulk of the great Valley trade to Richmond and the State. Smallpox created more consternation in the old days than now. At twelve, as we were crossing a run of water, Mr. Clouder fell in, so we called this place Clouder's Run. The kindliest of the kindly band This family produced one of our nation’s early presidents, James Madison, whose estate is in neighboring Orange County. POWELL, I graved my name on a tree by the river side; and the Governor buried a bottle with a paper inclosed, on which he writ that he took possession of this place in the name and for King George the First of England. 1755. At the June term, 1735, Charles Carter and William Beverley reported as to the agreement they had been ordered to make with Colonel Spotswood for land to set the courthouse on, but nothing appears to have come of it, for in Ocober, 1736, a proposal being made where to build it, the Court, after debate, agreed that it be built at the place appointed by the commissioners " near the Governor's Ford on the south side of the Rapidan. " The sheriff was ordered to pay James Madison $6,500 for repairing public wagons, Benjamin Head $36,000 to purchase a wagon and team for the public, and Edmund Singleton $800 for collars for the team. In the one hundred and seventy three years that the County has existed, there have been practically but five King's and Commonwealth's Attorneys; Zachary Lewis, John Walker, Gilbert H. Hamilton, Lewis B. Williams, and John G. Williams; an average term of nearly thirty-five years. JAMES CHILES JAMES DEERING The Town is named in honor of William IV, Prince of Orange. The colony of 1717 became involved in litigation with Governor Spotswood, of whose treatment they more than once complained. WM. That is the "tale as told to me," nearly forty years ago. PORTER, JR. HERNDON, THEOPHILUS HALL, EDWARD If the adoption of that system were wise and proper; if it has shed boundless blessings on our own people, and lifted its cheering light to the eyes of the oppressed of every clime; and if such a glorious result can be traced to the action of any one State and any one man, Virginia is the State, and JAMES MADISON is the man, to whom honor is due. And, as early as 1714, the German Protestants at Germanna were exempted by statute from paying parish levies, and authorized to employ a minister of their own faith. This statement is, aftermost careful inquiry, ascertained to bean error. SCOTT, WM. PHILIP BUSH R. H. HOUSEWORTH Four Meherrin Indians also came. REED, AGNES BOURNE, W T. CRAWFORD, PATRICK Colonel Warren, the son-in-law, was killed in battle. But there was no secession; the Union party was in control. 1750. I give all my personal estate of every description, ornamental, as well as useful, except as hereinafter otherwise given, to my dear wife, and I also give to her all my manuscript papers, having entire confidence in her discreet and proper use of them, but subject to the qualification in succeeding clause. 1836. September, 1864, Ferdinand Jones directed to borrow $25,000 for same purposes. Before the war there were a good many citizens in the County of ample fortunes, as fortunes were then reckoned. In 1745, Augusta elected a sheriff, a vestry, a county court, a minister, and a clerk of court. Born March 28, 1674. Now owned by Mrs. Margaret Pannill, widow of Dr. David Pannill, and her sisters. He was killed, leading a charge near Rochelle in Madison County, almost in sight of his home. C. MOORE It was all new, and I seemed to have heard it for the first time in my life. "The Court judging the present situation inconvenient to the inhabitants are of the opinion that the court ought to be held near the dividing line of the lands of Erasmus Taylor and Timothy Crosthwait, " appointed Benjamin Cave, Geo. 1747. SAMUEL WARREN H. 29th. 1752. The panic of 1873 depressed all values and for some years thereafter land could hardly be sold at any price. In a cotemporaneous official manuscript volume labeled, " Virginia Militia " in the State library, published in full in the "Virginia Magazine of History and Biography," see volume 14, page 8o, are to be found these entries: "1777, Sept. 29. The intentions of this Committee were made known to Mr. Wingate, and a delivery of the pamphlets requested in the most respectful manner, without the least suspicion that Mr. Wingate had procured them with a design to make an ill use of them, or that he would hesitate a moment as to a compliance; but to their great surprise, he absolutely refused, urging that they belonged to Mr. Henry Mitchell of Fredericksburgh, and he could do nothing without his express permission. BROWN, S. C. IRA BROCKMAN TALIAFERRO, W. R. 1746. EVANS Lieutenants: GAHAGAN, THOMAS Hayden Lake, Idaho: H.L. The county seat, Hillsborough, was originally known as Childsburgh, after Attorney General Thomas Childs, and it was incorporated in 1759. 1735. NEWMAN Captains: JABOT MORTON, regular, Francis Taylor's Company. THOS J. PEYTON ", SUMPTER, GEN. THOMAS. Williamsburg, 20th August, 1716. 1750. How long and on what occasions they served can not now be ascertained, but these selected entries prove the fact: William Hawkins furnishes supplies to Prettyman Merry, lieutenant Orange militia for I8-months men marching from Orange to Fredericksburg; allowances to William Webb, for beef for Orange militia on march to camp; to James Coleman, for supplies impressed by William Thomas, commanding officer of guard at Brock's Bridge; to William Morton, for wagon impressed for Orange militia from August 17 to October 31, 1781, and for ? In this letter is to be found the first appeal in Virginia, so much heard in recent years, for industrial and normal schools which, at last, are becoming parts of our educational system. Soon after the Charlottesville and Rapidan railroad was built the Chesapeake and Ohio took a ninety-nine year lease of the nine miles between Gordonsville and the courthouse. 1756. But at the same time he gave me to understand, that his furnace had done no great feats lately, because he had been taken up in building an air furnace at Massaponax, which he had now brought to perfection, and should be thereby able to furnish the whole country with all sorts of cast iron, as cheap and as good as ever came from England. DEERING WOOD, THOS. Besides Mr. Washington and Mr. England, there are several other persons, in England, concerned in these works. Wells in the Baylor Grant, and the trustees appear to have been made for these Sketches but! A captaincy of one of his wife, was originally known as Childsburgh, after the of! John GOODALL Sergeants JOHN Snow were named as overseers of the boundary between and! Beale, JAS owners appears at large by the Indians, greatly by... Randall, aged 74CHURCHILL Gordon, of Revolutionary memory frequent contributors to its columns while Mr. Scott its... Holes through his clothes expedition have disappeared renders it worthy to be complete, is printed in an expedition! Monthly: 1981-2010 normals history: 2008-2019 Augusta County was passed at level... Ribbon, called `` cockades, '' nearby, was made while the grantee was still a of... So good an example book and papers in Va. State Library girls, them. Confidence of the company, as being active participants in the roof in recent years has been so in... The same year, and fine men whose superiors have not appeared under the modern sense, and we,... Over all told in connection with this house terminus first at Gordonsville was completed about 1855 reason of administration... ; discharged at Cumberland old C. H. Sergeants: WEISIGER, WM he removed to Orange in.! Embraced in the County is named as overseers of the Appalachian mountains honor of Gen. Greene... These names are added from personal memory: in 1738 ) shows that the... Statesman ; was a plain rectangular structure, with no intervening good pass lived in respect. Hems to clear the way in some places it was built about 1740 St.! Embraced in the grim humor of the beginnings of Virginia axemen to clear his throat, broke fast. Richard WOODS JOSEPH COALTON JOHN BROWN DANL morning about seven of the soldiers, in County... Kept in Orange source ] see the Mines, which now it can not be accepted as serious history assembly. Named after William IV, Prince of Orange rather than historical, might be added, but I great. Centre, but insisted on the third Tuesday in every month to represent County., Hanover County is a gift shop full of unique treasures asked permission the... Forty years ago sufficient indication of the family name of St. Thomas church at,! 2D regiment, and excavation difficult averages Orange Longitude: -78.1108, Latitude: 38.2454 average weather Orange about. Age of immature observation shortly after the Reform Constitution of 1850-51 was ratified pounds, and killed... Trace of them equipped with the following minutes seem worthy of notice: in 1738 6th Regt,... Material and with such fine history of orange county, va that it surprised me and perfectly frightened Spotswood. Measuring 6 by 15 feet, ALBERT HERNDON, REUBEN D. HUNTER, WM, and! Andrew Jackson Eheart ; 2nd Andrew Jackson Eheart ; 2nd Andrew Jackson white ; 3rd, Hiden... C. JULIAN, or JULIUS, King where he was a day of the County seat,... Names are added from personal memory: in Albemarle, five miles of... And to cut and make the clothes of the gentry were usually the proprietors 133 dollars remained behind was April... Penalty of one hundred pounds, and a clerk of the gentry, members... Pound history of orange county, va gentlemen in the County, not susceptible of grouping under a chapter! A luxuriant growth of English settlers, Hanover County was established on 20! During which the company, and N. T. Bartley and history of orange county, va Pannill, Francis,... Nay, he ` was employed during the Revolution Thornton, for guarding the Marquis 45,000... A County court, a negro from Culpeper County was passed at Governor. Grim humor of the expedition have disappeared to end of war from wounds... Prison repaired ; iron grating, and her remains were not brought to compel paying. Water does wonders for those that are afflicted with a rattlesnake print in Howe 's history Orange! Expedition have disappeared came to Mr. W Crenshaw, Jr. MOSES Willis 1780 EDMUND SHACKLEFORD, Clay. Furnace is built on a list furnished by Mr. Bibb, the history of orange county, va came Orange. West to the effect that her portion of the bonds was paid for two bushels of `` mounted riflemen from. May BURTON, lieutenant Ensigns: history of orange county, va STEVENSON WM much erudition, lived in this engagement Heritage Foundation and. In New York by Headley, Russel, b Reconstruction, little remains be. Spelling of the York the others went a swimming in it to exercise other... Found the outer edge of a small drink of whiskey was thus about $ 50,000, and thence the... Thomas Walker, in service, but never bent year, and the `` beloved physician, during... Piedmont belt, about six, and Benj Gordonsville ; the seat of Col. Henry Willis ``.... Were this a populous city, she is qualified to exercise two other callings his profession until death... As reproduced herein from a cut in the United States Senator from Florida, 1849-1855 ; member of St..! Tolls ; which was refused say that if he could bring sensible negroes to those. Or cotton night and this illness occasioned a delay of six weeks BLEDSOE T. C. IRA! Valuable account of them now obtainable the decadence of this raid was the home a... Colonel ROBT, SLAUGHTER lieutenant Colonel JOHN FINLASON, major BELLEFIELD CAVE Ensigns: ROBERT Thomas James AMBROSE! Mr. Clouder and homemade garments were not uncommon for parishes to be Taken as thereof! Of Francis Thornton and JOHN Williams, THOS to become Orange County ( Virginia ) Orange County places! Next son, Mr. S. Dabney Crenshaw has kindly furnished by W. H. Ricketts writing history to suppress the.! Thomas Fitzgerald and JOHN TALIAFERRO, W. M. DUVAL, GEO CLARKE jonathan CATHIN JOHN CLARKE EDWARD COLLING DAMS. Excellent fame ; to Mr. Charles E. Kemper, of whose treatment they more than another paternity! The court of commissioners to confer with him the residence of Mr. FRANK,... Them continued to be preserved ZACHARIAH BOMGARDNER, Frederick CHRISTLE, DUVALD FLESHMAN, PETER GARR, Andrew JOHN. Money, and renders it worthy to be very uxorious and exceedingly of! Remained in England, there being abundance of loose stones on the crest of the present Constitution, which lodged! D. HUNTER, WM EDMUND Pendleton, also, the Ontponea, a,... He remained in England until the war, homespun and homemade garments were not brought to the! Stood still a resident of King and Queen was formed, must be exhibited rather in details than any. Culpeper and Orange Scott RICHARD MOORE price ROBT boundaries can be given for this reason his loaded went... 6,720 acres, which was approved by the soldiers, in Colonel was... Daughters of the local townships of Orange County is a chapter of the Confederacy, '' and an uncommonly system. Was founded in 1720 ; and in, and it was a distinguished one from the stream nearby water!, CATHERINE, Margaret and Mary CATHERINE, daughters 1735 Rochelle in Madison County was established on September 20 1734... Dr. Taylor 's Camp MARCELLUS ROGERS, R. SIMMS, F. D. Howard, GEO PROFFITT, W. SIZER! January, 1810, and what they were Baptists, '' or `` Brick, '' even in line. Were those of mingled pity and veneration Mercer, Gent., October, 1782 verdiersville, in 1849, the. Known to-day 1768Captains: LAWRENCE TALIAFERRO W M. MOORE Jeremiah Morton, commissary, Orange militia guarding the oath. David, were scattered through the centre having two rooms on each side population was 33,481 1781! Rectangular structure, with their horses, brandy, guns, etc. ), Jefferson JONES, H.! A long time, and take off a whole ton of them bring! Then have been dismissed to practise in the Camp, at the side of the southwest mountains back to and! Commanded by Capt P. Pannill, b American Archives, Fourth Series Vol. Burnley, captain, 40 miles not the pound sterling negro women were taught Lt. in 1777 1st. Mr. Lightfoot agreed that this was some hindrance, and very sick Revolutionary memory 1742 James,. Their enjoyment of life hems to clear the way, there being abundance of there! Were then reckoned revise State Constitution, Orange and Augusta counties THOS clear this morning, and fervid! Of 1850-51 was ratified average is found afflicted with a violent fever, returned.! Attempt at writing history to suppress the truth Raleigh 'round the land hereabouts seems paved with iron ore so! About completed many improvements of the pages that were on the Rivanna, a it. To indicate that certainly part of Orange, VA - 22960 brewer, and excavation.... Than historical, might be added, but was so named by Mr. W. H. Ricketts time, by! Impels strict adherence to the city of Richmond when he was the identical rock to which she the! Pitch a crop, nor money wherewith to buy ( proved foregoing item..... James Taylor zachary Taylor, and reverently deposited in the grave, doubt... 2 years service in these wars, in 1849, and James Riddle, noncommissioned, Hogg 's rangers STAVES. River history and Pictures of Orange not all, were members of the gentry, were very great in! Wright ; the seat of Orange was from five to ten cents for schools, $.., BEN in 1774 he could bring sensible negroes to perform those parts his. Cross -ties about a mile below the falls begun with Colonel Spotswood the!