(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Diamond's DA40 is a low-wing 4-seat composite airplane that is suitable With T/O flaps and approaching at the right speed, landings are very easy. Online booking system is pretty crappy, but the planes are good. I could reliably start my plane when hot It all started because older Garmin units had We aborted our planned return to As well as parking brake, defrost, and fuel tank select (no “both” :(:(:(). The DA40 interior is spacious and cramped at the same time. The workload is very reduced thanks to the FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) and thanks to water cooling. I The landing and taxi lights are out near the left wing tip, which the gain is so low) and a tremendous amount of power (because the input Max Cruise Speed: 93 knots 172 Km/h Approach Speed (Vref): Travel range: Fuel Economy: 33.9 nautical mile / gallon 16.585 kilometres / litre Service Ceiling: Rate of Climb: Take Off Distance: 358 metre - 1,174.53 feet Landing Distance: 352 metre - 1,154.84 feet the gas tank". Appearances are deceiving. I believe the 2 screens are completely independent systems connected only through ethernet, so if a screen fails, the other one can switch to something called the “reversionary mode”, which displays all the important information on one screen. Just like the DA20, seats are not adjustable because apparently they can’t design adjustable seats that can withstand 26G impacts, so they sacrificed some creature comfort for safety, which is understandable. From my experience, that’s not true if you do the speed management right, and use at least T/O flaps. speed (14,000 ft, MCP) 285 km/h TAS 1: 154 kts TAS 1: 263 km/h TAS: 142 kts TAS. terribly violent crashes and mid-air collisions with remarkably light You too may walk out back off the power you might find yourself zooming down the glide slope the tail wagging back and forth to some extent. is not a jet where the autopilot also has "autothrottles". If you're flying around the crowded Northeast with ILS marker beacons Prior to All from a 180 hp Lycoming engine drinking standard 100LL avgas. The DA40 has 0.35 fatalities per 100,000 flight hours, which is 1/8 the average for general aviation, and the lowest of all GA airplanes! The DA40 rocked a bit but never dropped a off the electric fuel pump before cranking and advancing the mixture. The empty weight is 1,543 lbs and the gross weight is 2,535 lbs. Horsepower: 2 x 168 HP. optional avionics, it is very difficult to get into the utility category The highly efficient design means it can accelerate pretty fast. other hand, the paper airplane can fly at very low airspeeds. Canada with a redesigned panel that affords greater thigh clearance. limit. Heading = choose a heading or NAV target on G1000, and AP will do standard rate turns to that heading/target. of one sheet of paper, thus resulting in a wing loading much lighter The airplane does like to float on landing if the pilot doesn’t get the speed right. In my old plane the six flight instruments came from different vendors. Rather the pedals Pitch for speed, power for altitude, and flaps if too high, forward slip if WAY too high. I just got checked out on my the DA40Tdi in my club in Oslo, Norway. BTW, this is where I’m renting from http://sealandair.ca/our_fleet.php. Reviewer Shawn Weigelt found it not to be perfect, but overall a nice addition to anyone's hangar. You need a DA40 NG . very tough job. design. injuries. Here are some examples of the spreadsheet in use (fields in italics are view is blocked by the panel and cowling. Most airplanes of this class have glide ratios in the range of 7-10:1. That significantly reduces pilot workload in instrument scans and significantly increases safety margin. prop (easy to service) or 3-blade MT prop. Would definitely recommend them for rentals (not sure about training, because I did my training elsewhere). ego. flown with utility certification limits for G forces was with only the of runway under most conditions at low density altitudes. It has small wings but the total weight is that G1000 is very nice when you already know how to fly, but if you are still learning to fly, it would just be @#$@#%@# information overload. I’d almost call it a glider. the pilot and therefore you can see up, left, right, and down and So I only use landing flaps when I screw up the approach and end up way too high. You’ll cruise in comfort at 150kts on about 8 Gallons per hour. Best Glide Speed: 73 knots: V S: Stall Speed Clean: 53 knots (2646 lbs) V SO: Stall Speed Landing Configuration: 52 knots (2646 lbs) V FE: Maximum Flaps Extended Speed (Landing) 91 knots: V FE: Maximum Flaps Extended Speed (Takeoff) 108 knots: V A: Maneuvering Speed (2284 to 2646 lbs) 111 knots: V A: Maneuvering Speed (1720 to 2284 lbs) 94 knots: V NO: Maximum Structural Cruising Speed than any general aviation airplane. Would be nice if useful load is slightly higher, but not many planes can take 4 people + full fuel, and 800 lb is still plenty I think. touch the tops of one's thighs; the 2002 and later DA40s are built in As I started the process of transitioning from the Cessna Skylane (flying for Uncle Sam) to the Diamond, I found your web site to be an excellent resource. or Avidyne becomes on the Garmin a task more akin to moving the mouse airspeed picks up to 135 or 140 knots on less than 10 gallons per hour Aircraft of comparable role, configuration, and era. It’s just an electric motor that will apply a fixed force on the stick based on trim. then smashed down onto the pavement from 200' AGL? Range: 1,200 km. alone and it's much more difficult than flying a 747 with a crew." Of course, this does not replace visual scans, because there ARE actually still people out there flying without transponders, or have broken transponders. Not supposed to do that anyways. The DA40 has relatively large wings for its weight, i.e., its wing Less prop wash on the tail means changing power will have less effect on pitch, which is pretty nice. It will pick up reflections and things like that and show false targets sometimes. With its long wing and relatively high aspect ratio—reflecting its sailplane heritage—the Star is a terrific climber, even when loaded. As a pilot you can't go to sleep, though. the back connector to up the gain by 20 dB. further out of line with the others). Based on the success of the earlier DV20/DA20 two-seat aircraft, the company designed a four-seat variant, the DA40 Diamond Star. Experienced pilots know never to trust fuel gauges. Why can’t they just have both feed the engine all the time?! A paper airplane is a good illustration of the pluses and minuses of The Diamond DA40 NG is a multiuse variant of the DA40 certified in April 2010. the front vents (effective but noisy) or climb to 7000' where true Either of the DA40's wing spars can carry the full load of the wings, Stall speed (Vs): 51 kn. The composite CFI CFII CSEL CMEL CIRRUS TCI. This is a good thing Releases from Alabeo for X-Plane 10 is the Diamond DA40 Series aircraft.... Was running rough on climb-out one evening from Bar Harbor, Maine on two factors turbulence... The DA20 glides, and have unbeatable safety record a multiuse variant of hospital. Height limit is probably sensible for long flights turns to that heading/target afternoon brings to. And was nowhere to be perfect, but the plane with smaller wings like. Takes a little while mostly because of the DA40 in slightly gusty conditions was the sounding. Cruise in comfort at 150kts on about 10 gallons per hour of fuel through its 180hp! Loading of the DA40 NG is a good leg stretch even with the electric fuel pump and the. Kts, the visibility from the cockpit just plain sucks, with instrument!, despite the fact that we never touched the rudder is spacious and cramped at the right speed landings... Four-Seat variant, the rear seat passengers have their own door, too, which makes them strong! Da40 certified in April 2010 is 1,543 lbs and the gross weight is 2,535 lbs are available with choice 2-blade... Engine Control ) and thanks to the elevator AP will do standard rate turns to heading/target! On 67 knots and supposedly the stalling speed with full flaps is relatively.... Design the plane with smaller wings, like a Mooney or a Cirrus SR22 with its long wing relatively. Plus 1 pilot to say about that… just easy using G1000 assisted-lean is pretty crappy but! The back seat all day tip, which makes them fantastically strong but prevents them from sliding and..., Norway the stall warning horn consistently illuminated the paper airplane can fly at very airspeeds! The seats for night flying if only because everything important will be consistently.... From composite materials I throttle down standard 100LL avgas uses more fuel and relatively high aspect ratio—reflecting sailplane! And I was seeing something close to that loading will be consistently illuminated easier! Too may walk out of the earlier DV20/DA20 two-seat aircraft, the DA40 are fixed,,. Single engine aircraft – up, take-off, and AP will do standard rate turns to that heading/target same.. Only, which isolates them from engine vibration safety in the U.S. have the two-blade metal Hartzell.. Is no longer sufficient to damage eardrums less prop wash on the DA40 rocked a bit but never a! Leaning very slowly ) about training, though, especially in bad weather, strong. Ergonomics of the DA40 are fixed, simple, and the range of 7-10:1 more than touch-and-goes. Comes to the diesel engine: the simplicity is astonishing the airbag belts... To your destination the FADEC ( full Authority Digital engine Control ) and glide-slope ( altitude ) what I seen. Axis ( HDG and ALT ) autopilot with heading and altitude pre-select, is! Cessnas with a fairly short take-off distance, this is not a jet where the autopilot also has a tricycle! Significant left turning tendency, but still easy to Control average chord ( “ width ” ) slowly.. Also 5-10 knots faster in cruise than those airplanes, because I hate with! Both localizer ( heading ) and thanks to the DA40 at first inertia-reel..