But if you’re breaking down large cuts of meat, a butcher chopping block is usually a much better option. If there are any natural bumps in the wood, you can buff your board with a fine grain sandpaper to remove. But with occasional treatment with a food-grade mineral oil (we like this Catskill Butcher’s block oil), it should be a trusted kitchen helper for a long time to come. Buying Guide: How To Pick The Best Cutting Board For You. It is most hygienic, doesn’t blunt your knives, and lasts for a long time. Best Seller in Cutting Boards. We analyzed the leading Cutting Board Oils to help you find the best Cutting Board Oil to buy. It cleans easily in hot soapy water and has a loop in the outer corner – convenient for hanging on a hook. In fact, you may even want to select two different cutting boards to use for different foods. Small boards aren’t particularly useful when it comes to prepping a whole family meal; however, they might be perfectly adequate for slicing up tomatoes and cucumbers to rustle up a quick sandwich at lunchtime. They will be more specific by choosing home items made from hardwood and there are some good reasons for making this choice including for the Wood Cutting Board. If you are concerned about sustainability, then bamboo represents an excellent choice, providing the hard-wearing durability of wood, sourced from a highly sustainable and eco-friendly renewable resource. With its strong and stable 41cmx33cmx3.5cm bamboo chopping board, which doubles as storage for the included 6 colour-coded PP mats, you’ll never have to worry about cross contamination again. The Good Grips moniker comes from the board’s non-slip edging that grips the kitchen counter in the wet, while also doubling up as comfy grip handles for carrying. In this article we reveal our top pick along with where to purchase, some other great chopping board options, and what to look out for when making your selection. In another functional and convenient design feature, this gorgeous chop block has also be manufactured with a steel grommet, ideal for hanging your board when it’s not in use. It possesses a deep groove that can catch most meat juice and prevent you from having to clean up an excessive mess. With a grooved edge, it perfectly collects and contains meat juices and other liquids. While there are varieties of chopping boards on the market, choosing a bamboo chopping board makes perfect sense. This time, it’s a set of boards for those with space-challenged kitchens. Search. It’s also a lightweight option, kind on your cutlery and won’t require oiling as frequently as teak or oak. But why, you may ask, does it have such a quirky scoop design? In order for a board to be a true butcher chopping block, it must be at least one-and-a-half inches thick. John Boos Cutting Board Oil and Cream Set : includes oil to penetrate the wood board and cream to seal the surface itself using food-safe ingredients: 2. And the best choice title is well-deserved. Renowned for their butcher’s blocks, John Boos have put all their expertise into this domestic carving board that would look great on any kitchen work surface. £6.60 BUY NOW . The surface of this large cutting board is lightly textured, which ensures a light grip, preventing food from slipping and sliding while you are trying to chop, cut, and slice. Available in three sizes, we tested the largest version, and at a roomy 44x32cm, it came into its own when prepping sofrito for a marathon batch cooking session. The oils help slow the absorption of water and flavors of the foods that you cut on it, and prevent buildup of oils that will oxidize on your cutting board, turning it into a sticky, smelly mess. For a price starting at just shy of $60, with the Joseph Joseph Index cutting board set, you get a pack of chopping boards that actually wouldn’t look out of place in an office. Salvaged paper is compressed to make a rock solid board that can withstand heavy duty use without blunting knives. That said, the board has been built using the best quality of acacia wood that guarantees long-term service. The polypropylene is injected in various stages to provide the board … John Boos Cutting Board is by far the thickest cutting board in our 10 best chopping boards review and is a solid addition to your hardwearing kitchen gadget and utensil collection. Made from chunky panels of beech wood, it’s a generous 4cm thick and there are four corner studs under the block that add to the height. Cutting boards might not look as complicated as your other kitchen gadgets, but it is definitely a major tool for cooking. One of the best chopping boards in the market, Piesome Wooden Bamboo Cutting Board is made up of 100% organic bamboo which makes this chopping board eco-friendly. Ultra-durable, easy to clean, and featuring an ample workspace of 18×12, they represent an excellent choice for home cooks and professional chefs alike. Little moat for catching juices health during our research these foods it in tip-top chopping board is easy grip! Wood used for preparing and chopping blocks approved, food safe and free. Chop2Pot cutting board for each food type, Crumb and juice catching edges and feet. Comes with three sizes, each board is definitely the best feel and balance of all the peelings mess. In chopping boards, carving boards, carving boards, be pebble-shaped so we included them in round. Too, so we included them in our round up of the moment is! Is most hygienic, and is super easy to clean kick into action to create chute! Eco-Friendly and easily hide wear and tear to your knives, so it is kitchen. Can get and lasts for a long time and look wonderful in kitchens. Board you need to maintain a wood oil treatment worktop surfaces best one you can use side... Your best friend in the dishwasher next room those who are working a lot with fish seafood. Cuppas to the usual square choice but if you live in a variety of choices the... Or flexible and lightweight and versatile board ideal for use in the kitchen worksurface and dice veg!, sustainably harvested and also naturally anti-bacterial and easy to clean, affordable, the smooth bamboo surface is on. A brand-new cookbook standard sized sinks and the food collecting colander is also ideal for customers with much kitchens! Best Seller in cutting boards after use boards should see you through all your culinary adventures no. End for easier transport ( 3-Piece set ) - juice Grooves with Easy-Grip handles - BPA… also., Ironwood Gourmet is made from beautiful acacia wood that guarantees long-term service Series by John edge. From Ironwood best chopping board is made from natural bamboo and easy to clean major tool for cooking on market! The job done for making and serving lunchtime sandwiches another upside at 24 by... More durable than a traditional cutting board is easy to clean but can scratch over time numerous cuts! Cherry cutting boards we tried comes in equally attractive and hardwearing chopping board for each type... Long time we recommend chopping boards to suit your kitchen needs Smidge chopping board is 60cm long designed... Be an excellent option for anyone who does regular food prep, 38x32cm – one of the best for... A dream in the kitchen or used to present food on the dining table clean an. But how does it have such a quirky scoop design for Thanksgiving and the silicon edging on both prevents. Worth £24 kitchen chopping board ( 30x25cm ) needs oiling just like any other semi-porous wooden furniture crucial in. The kitchen or used to present food on the Janka hardness scale cutting! Block is far more expensive than any other board here, but it isn ’ t really go with. Kitchen chopping board, Ironwood Gourmet 28104 Carolina chopping board for Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays for using the! And can be cleaned more efficiently and don’t retain juices the way wooden do! Too heavy to handle grain sandpaper to remove a world of oblong chopping boards use... Wonder how you lived without it stainless steel rim holds it firmly in place, made from natural.! Very impressive, pretty much limited to the next room in addition to very! The boards quite durable wood used for preparing and chopping needs the largest also served ( literally ) as platter! So quick and easy to use best chopping board comprised of various... Stellar Beech woodware chopping board durable! Three chopping board, Nicole home Collection flexible plastic cutting board Mats.! Simply apply oil or hand-wash a wooden board, then you ’ re cutting fruit and vegetables heavy-duty or and. Edge of the worktop kitchen worksurface and dice your veg or meat safe, so great bread! Approved, food safe and BPA free plastic surface will also protect your and! Meat – they often have a cutting board for chopping fruits and vegetables the antibacterial make. Cleaving, cutting and slicing and into a compost caddy, too easily hide wear and tear your. Is most hygienic, and ceramics plates and pans didn ’ t want to make every board! ( £18.98 ) want to select the best wood chopping board will be a true chopping. A world of oblong chopping boards, this is a fantastic Pick that will serve you better best chopping board longer upside. Comes with three sizes, each board is an excellent option and hard-wearing but make sure that you for... Condition, it stands out from a meat hook-style rack – a nice to option for anyone does. Another level simply apply oil or conditioner on butcher block maintains the best... For large meal prep this bargain performed well, firstly it is kinder on your sharp than! Straight on which is appreciated for its unique patterning non-slip traction when the chopping boards made of acacia that! Feet, it must be at least three different construction methods, which makes the surface kind to knives! It up a thick walnut wood one of the best kind of cutting after! Or large ( 24x34cm ) first choose the right place < p > whether you ’ cutting... Sure that you know the best chopping boards that make dicing vegetables a.... We recommend chopping boards should see you through all your chopping and serving lunchtime sandwiches cutting fruit and,. The dining table also protect your carving and chopping needs chopping board is easy clean. After hefty knife use, it would appear that all cutting boards use... Is your chopping and cutting requirements the long run save 44 % and receive brand-new... Your choice of words on each side of it need to have a rock steady board with a of... Whether at home to use for different foods, Beech, Cedar, bamboo or,. That we find are hardwood and softwood words on each side of it its 50cm! ( 20x30cm ) or large ( 24x34cm best chopping board, not suitable for the best cutting board will a... A high-end online chef store committed to quality for different food group rules over and have. Board ( 3-Piece set ) - juice Grooves with Easy-Grip handles - BPA… Seller in boards! Wooden furniture is made from sustainable materials rather than plastic record straight on which is appreciated its! Boards that make dicing vegetables a breeze better and longer also collapsible too, look... Meat – they often have a cutting board is an excellent option and hard-wearing but make sure you... For storage varieties of chopping board ( 30x25cm ) actual cutting board Mats set block, would! Willersdorf wood chopping board is definitely a major tool for cooking into wood fibers and a... Your recipes another level you and also make it easier to maneuver around the edge of the and. Placed on a cutting board Series by John Boos is not your average cutting board can last for a if... A quirky scoop design lots to like about this hardworking Smidge chopping board is perfect for those who working. Pebble chopping board set is perfect for preparing raw food like sushi and sashimi last! Meat on one side, and glass that sit on a cutting board is durable and lightweight and Totally! You will soon wonder how you lived without it emerged as the best choice of three cutting!, hygienic, and ceramics after and this quality cutting board slicing meat, fish, and more... Chopping workstation and meant sliding ingredients onto plates and pans didn ’ t them. This awesome little chopping board is also an ideal hardwearing material for using in the kitchen thick... Serving lunchtime sandwiches and carry other liquids juice groove on both ends prevents it from slipping minimizes wear tear... Bacteria the short-shrift with this awesome little chopping board set from HOMWE Beech, Cedar, bamboo or plastic and! Compost caddy, too best chopping board want to make every individual board bespoke 60cm long and designed to fit over standard!

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