Unfortunately for Sasuke, he was manipulated by the village elders into thinking that his brother was a villain. I’m going to kill you and every last person in … At the same time, it isn't uncommon to have a change of heart in one's dreams. Because Zabuza was an extremely dangerous opponent far beyond Team Seven's abilities as genin, Sasuke was noticeably frightened with good reason. Lower your voice, don your Death Glare, and speak one of the following lines: "My name is Sasuke Uchiha. Despite all the bad things he did in the anime, he still has a lot of fans. Things got interesting, however, when Lee challenged Sasuke to a match right before the Chunin Exams. "I understand now. Prior to the Chunin Exams, Sakura asked Sasuke if he wanted to spend time together. A young Sasuke asks Itachi to teach him shurikenjutsu. Therefore, this quote is very fitting for Sasuke, who never really had anything nice to say about anyone or anything throughout the series. Whether it's in school, sports, or work, there will always be teammates whose personalities don't click with one another, often resulting in at least one person being annoyed. Updated July 31, 2020 6.8k votes 1.8k voters 92.4k views 18 items. (To Sakura about Team 7) "I know the four of us have worked together. Because Kakashi had a tendency of being late, Naruto and Sakura would often bicker as Sasuke had no other choice but to listen while waiting for their teacher. 10 edgiest sasuke quotes that speak to our inner teenager. I am an avenger. Sakura, on the other hand, was concerned for Sasuke with his Curse Seal and urged him to forfeit in the third part of the Chunin Exams. But unfortunately for Sakura, Sasuke had no interest in her whatsoever. This particular Sasuke quote has been made into a meme over the years from people who can completely relate to Sasuke's supposed confusion over his exam. RELATED: Naruto: Top 10 Strongest Mangekyo Sharingan Users, Ranked. naruto naruto shippuden boruto incorrect boruto quotes incorrect naruto quotes incorrect quotes uchiha sasuke sasuke naruto uzumaki sakura haruno sakura narusaku sasunaru narusasu sns sasusaku team 7 the trio we diD iT first post to 1k first post to 5k 8k 8.5k I would do anything... because I like you a lot.\"Sasuke to Sakura - Chapters 3, 181, and 693: 1. In reality, Sasuke did it because he truly cared about his friend but didn't want to admit it. Sasusaku Doujinshi Naruto Shippuden Sasuke Naruto And Sasuke Itachi Anime Naruto Anime Manga Sasuke Uchiha Quotes Sarada Uchiha Tumblr Sasuke Sakura Sarada sarada uchiha | Tumblr Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. 9. Sasuke first met Sakura Haruno when they were children in the Academy, where his good looks caused her to become infatuated with him, which later grew into love. This is one of the best quotes to represent Sasuke Uchiha throughout his journey in the Naruto series (up to Boruto at least.) I hate a lot of things, and I don't particularly like anything. Speak like Sasuke. Your votes directly influence the rankings on this list, so don't be shy about sharing your opinion! What I have is not a dream, because I will make it a reality. From the time Itachi took out the Uchiha Clan, Sasuke's one goal was always to get revenge by killing his older brother. naruto incorrect naruto quotes incorrect quotes naruto shippuden naruto uzumaki sakura haruno sakura uchiha sasuke sasuke team 7 source: the good place 800 895 notes Open in app Naruto: 15 Sasuke Quotes We Can All Relate To, Naruto: Top 10 Strongest Uchiha Clan Members, Naruto: Top 10 Strongest Mangekyo Sharingan Users, Ranked, Naruto: 5 Heroes & 5 Villains Ranked By Power, Naruto: The Worst Things Sasuke Ever Did, Ranked, One Piece: 5 Marines Closest To Garp's Level (& 5 That Are Average), Sword Art Online: Every Main Character, Ranked By Likabilty, Tower Of God: 10 Things The Anime Has In Common With Hunter X Hunter, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: 10 Stands That Suit Jotaro Better Than Star Platinum, Naruto: 10 Characters Most Responsible For Sasuke's Downfall, Junji Ito's Remina Is a Modern Horror Classic - That We Don't Need Right Now, Second Coming: Only Begotten Son #1 Reveals Sunstar's Origins, King in Black: Immortal Hulk #1 Rings in a Silent Night, Black Cat Jumps Into a Solid Relaunch Against the King in Black, Dark Nights: Death Metal #6 Forges the Future of the DC Universe, Dark Multiverse: Crisis on Infinite Earths Gives the Justice Society a Violent Epic, Boruto: 10 Classic Characters Who Stopped Being Important, Naruto: 5 Reasons Why He Would Defeat Goku (& 5 Why Goku Would Totally Obliterate Naruto), Demon Slayer: 11 Times The Show Made Fans Facepalm Themselves, One Piece: 10 Times Luffy Pushed Himself Too Far (& Paid For It), Digimon: 10 Ways Tai Changed Between Adventure & Tri, My Hero Academia: 10 Of The Most Flawed Aspects Of U.A. It is a nice thought to consider that broken things, destroyed things can be fixed and they can be rebuilt and grow even better over time. That’s always been my purpose of living.“. Karli Iwamasa is a creative writer based in the Bay Area. I am an avenger." RELATED: Naruto: Top 10 Strongest Uchiha Clan Members. Even if I must take the devil's fruit, I must gain power. Sakura’s smile in the top right corner of the second page makes Sasuke think of the smile she gave to Naruto. His hair is spiky in the back with bangs that lengthen as the story progresses. In Team Seven's introductions, Naruto said he liked ramen and wanted to become hokage, Sakura was too flustered by Sasuke to speak, and Sasuke said something that a lot of people can relate to: "I hate a lot of things, and I don't particularly like anything." And like any pair of siblings, they would bicker and tease one another. "I understand now. In what seemed to be a no-win situation, Sasuke jumped in front of one of Haku's attacks to protect Naruto. Like Sasuke, many people have at some point felt like they were treated as an annoyance by their siblings, peers, or family members. She lacked any self-esteem and grew out long bangs to cover her forehead, although it did little to stop the teasing. Luckily, Naruto was able to catch up to Sasuke at the Valley of End. When they were first placed on Team Seven together, Sakura had such a huge crush on Sasuke that she acted out of desperation to get his attention. During their childhood, Ino was very popular and talented among the academy students. What I have is not a dream, because I will make it a reality. For Sasuke, being a part of Team Seven meant dealing with the everyday antics of his teammates, Naruto and Sakura, and their teacher, Kakashi. Naruto uzumaki quotes. That said, for many people in real life, we have all had our moments of self-doubt. That look, full of affection and tenderness, was directed at Naruto, not at Sasuke. 1 i won t run away anymore. RELATED: Naruto: 5 Heroes & 5 Villains Ranked By Power. It can be harmful and damaging to become obsessed with the past, whether because we miss it or we're nursing regrets. ", "Having too many bonds causes one to lose focus, weakening their strongest wish, their greatest desire.". Thank you so much! It might've been a foolish dream for a former enemy of Konohagakure, but Sasuke's declaration to become hokage at least showed he no longer held a grudge against the village. While 12 years apart takes a toll, Sakura and Sasuke should be nowhere near this disjointed as parents. This is one of the best quotes to represent Sasuke Uchiha throughout his journey in the Naruto series (up to Boruto at least.) "My body just moved" is the perfect excuse for anyone trying to avoid sharing their true feelings or motives. (To Team 7) \"My name is Sasuke Uchiha. Unfortunately for fans of the Sasuke and Sakura pairing, their path to marriage was not an easy one and many people still have doubts about their relationship. I am an avenger." This particular quote might not seem like something you would hear in your regular life but in this case, it certainly applies to those of us who went through a dark or edgy emo phase in our younger years. The book is about Sasuke who is a nerd who fell in love with Sakura, the new transfer student from Suna. He was introduced as an ambitious young ninja with the goal of avenging his fallen clan, but when prompted to choose between revenge and his friends, he chose revenge. So Naruto will try a different approach. Sasuke quotes to sakura Sasuke you’re annoying, don’t worry I have got you covered. Like anyone who had ever gone into a challenge feeling overconfident, Sasuke was left frustrated and shocked by his loss to a "freak.". Sasuke is a fair-skinned ninja who has onyx eyes and black chin-length hair. Sakura’s name means cherry blossoms, the pink flower that can be seen in practically every anime you’ve ever seen. So … "Tears and rain, fall down on my face, my body is unable to stay yet my heart is unwilling to leave. Later, they would hang on both sides of his face to roughly frame his cheeks and later again return to their original style. Sasuke Uchiha is one of the most complex characters in Naruto, but he's still a source of some infinitely relatable quotes. ", "My name is Sasuke Uchiha. As a young child, his bangs hung above his eyes. Directed by Hayato Date, Harume Kosaka. 10.Naruto… it’s too late, nothing you can say will change me! Sasuke asked Itachi why he treats him like a pest, but Itachi's response was a jab to Sasuke's forehead. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. In Team Seven's introductions, Naruto said he liked ramen and wanted to become hokage, Sakura was too flustered by Sasuke to speak, and Sasuke said something that a lot of people can relate to: "I hate a lot of things, and I don't particularly like anything.". (To Sakura about Team 7) "I know the four of us have worked together. So everyone was in shock when Sasuke said in the middle of the Fourth Shinobi War that he wanted to become hokage. See more ideas about Naruto quotes, Naruto, Naruto uzumaki. Sakura used that look only for him, it’s an indication to Sasuke that Sakura loves him. What I have is not a dream, because I will make it a reality. She spends most of her time playing with cats, consuming healthy amounts of caffeine, and writing fun lists for Comic Book Resources & TheGamer. This is something that people with true ambition and dreams can relate to. In this quote, though, it has an uplifting message, even if he might not have meant it that way at the time. ", "I have long since closed my eyes... My only goal is in the darkness. 1. It seems like its reign in the shonen anime world will never let up. Itachi simply brushed aside his little brother's request, which made Sasuke upset. But even Sasuke didn't understand why Sasuke would love him. On the way to becoming a ninja, Naruto must team up with his classmates, the pretty Sakura and the pretty serious Sasuke, whose common bond is that they both hate Naruto. I hate a lot of things, and I don't particularly like anything. See more ideas about anime naruto, naruto shippuden anime, naruto uzumaki. When Rock Lee was first introduced into the series, he came across as a bit of a "freak" to everyone in Team Seven, including Sasuke. But unfortunately for Sasuke, Lee's hard work and mastery of taijutsu was more than the Sharingan could handle, and Sasuke ended up losing. According to Hashirama, Sasuke bares a striking resemblance to Izuna Uchiha. This is one of the best quotes to represent Sasuke Uchiha throughout his journey in the Naruto series (up to Boruto at least.) Feb 29, 2020 - Explore Erika Gonzalez's board "Sasuke memes and quotes" on Pinterest. If you’re a fan of the Naruto universe, you’ll know that his teammates Sasuke and Sakura have a pretty long history. ''The Uchiha family is the type that, even though they’re together there won’t be much talking, that kind, like for example if Sasuke only shouts a word “Sakura!” , then, Sakura will answer “I got it!” and take action immediately, even when they don’t need verbal communication, they … Heartless Sasuke Quotes I have long since closed my eyes, my only goal is in the darkness. Even if I must take the devil's fruit, I must gain power. Some of his quotes actually have villainous and evil origins, especially when his intentions were to essentially kill everyone and destroy the known shinobi world. Because Sasuke had just recently awakened his Sharingan, he was confident he could defeat any other genin like Lee. And the will of the girls brings victory!" This is a two-fold statement. Sasuke Quotes Wallpaper If anyone wants to deny my way of living, I’ll kill everyone they ever cared about ! Anime Naruto Naruto Comic. He would do whatever it took to achieve that goal, even if it meant resorting to evil and the life of a criminal. And I'm absolutely serious about this. Ino met Sakura … With Noriaki Sugiyama, Hideo Ishikawa, Kenji Hamada, Emi Sagara. (To Itachi) \"That's okay… Just as long as we can be together sometimes.\" 2. Here are ten Sasuke quotes we can all relate to. Meanwhile, Sakura was a shy, timid girl who was often teased about her large forehead. Sasuke is so dramatic. In the moment Sasuke says this, he is referring to the fact he constantly thinks about his past and his vendetta against Itachi for killing his family. (To Team 7) "My name is Sasuke Uchiha. Sasuke: So that’s your kink. i tryed staying AWAY from ones 'bout sasuke! The best quotes from your favorite anime characters, including both heroes villains. We thought we would update the following list with some more relatable quotes from Sasuke that span from his time on the series as both a hero and a villain. Sasuke might have spent the majority of the series trying to kill his older brother Itachi, but the two Uchiha brothers were actually very close prior to the murder of their clan. sakura quotes! (To Sasuke) "I… I love you with all my heart!… If you were to stay here with me, there would be no regrets… because every day we'd do something fun, we'd be happy I swear!… I would do anything for you! Love Quotes 80.5k Life Quotes 62.5k Inspirational Quotes 60k Humor Quotes 38k Philosophy Quotes 24k God Quotes 22k Inspirational Quotes Quotes 20.5k Truth Quotes 19.5k Wisdom Quotes 18k Poetry Quotes 17k Romance Quotes 17k Learning some good Sasuke quotations and one-liners is a good way of making sure everyone knows who you're supposed to be. But out of context the quote just seems like Sasuke is confident in not knowing any answers on his test, and we've all been there. Your expression is filthy. 5 failing doesn t give you a reason to give up as long as you believe. Once Sasuke received the Curse Seal from Orochimaru in the Forest of Death, he got a taste of the power he could obtain if he went to the dark side. so… Please just stay with me!" ". I hate a lot of things, and I don't particularly like anything. "Sasuke and Sakura" (SASUKE・SAKURA) is episode 481 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime. A one-stop shop for all things video games. This list ranks the best Sasuke Uchiha quotes that really made an impact on the viewers. Naruto, suicidal , anime , Sakura , hinata , Sasuke , pop , 1800logic , sad. Though he ultimately came to terms with his losses and forgave those whom he thought had done him dirty, Sasuke will forever remain the edgy and savage ninja from Konohagakure who we all know and love (or hate). Best friend naruto and sasuke friendship quotes. ;) Sasuke and Sakura have always had an interesting relationship. Sasuke is considered quite hand… Eventually he learns that his brother Itachi was not actually the person he should harbor all these ill feelings towards, but let's save that for another day in case some fans reading this list have not completed Naruto Shippuden. I'm going to restore my clan, and kill a certain someone. That being said, he has said his fair share of memorable quotes that resonate with the edginess in all of us. While initially shocking to their friends, the two were quite adamant about seeing each other. Thank you for watching and special thanks to brock baker for being a voice actor for this toon. Young Sasuke wants to spend more time with his brother, Itachi; a reclusive Sakura receives a present from Ino. *Introducing himself to Kakashi, Naruto and Sakura* My name is Sasuke Uchiha. When Naruto asked why he did that, Sasuke, while dripping in blood, said he didn't know why and that his body moved on its own. But after they defeated Zabuza the first time and trained hard in the Land of Waves, Sasuke gained more confidence going into their next battle with both Zabuza and Haku. Instead, he said she should focus more on her ninja training because she's "worse than Naruto." They could at least trade pictures and give each other updates. Because Sakura is not the most well-liked character out there, many fans would agree with Sasuke's insult. Sakura to Sasuke (who later revealed to be Naruto) - Chapter 3: 1. Sakura: Strangling you. Even if I must take the devil's fruit, I must gain power. – Sasuke Quotes. In their battle against Haku, Sasuke and Naruto found themselves trapped inside Haku's Crystal Ice Mirrors. “Sakura: Never figured you for the artistic type. Although the two Team Seven members had trained endlessly prior to that all-important battle on the bridge, they were still having a difficult time keeping up with Haku. In their first major battle as ninja, Team Seven faced off against Zabuza. While that may aspect we might not all be able to relate to, but many of us have felt the pain that comes with focusing solely on the past. Vote below on your favorite Sasuke Uchiha quotes that really stuck with you. – Sasuke Quotes. Sasuke's annoyance prompted him to say his teammates were driving him nuts, which is totally relatable. What I have is not a dream, because I will make it a reality. After Sasuke made the decision to flee Konohagakure to seek out more power with Orochimaru, Naruto and his friends were tasked with the mission to bring the missing Uchiha back before it was too late. Becoming hokage was always Naruto's dream, not Sasuke's. Itachi tells him he's busy, and suggests he asks their father. Wanting to keep fighting and growing stronger, Sasuke hushed his teammate by declaring that no one can get between him and his goals. Naruto is over, but Boruto is still ongoing, new people are constantly finding Naruto and watching it for the first time. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Feb 16, 2015 - Explore sakura4931's board "Naruto quotes" on Pinterest. Sakura: Only where you’re concerned. NEXT: Naruto: The Worst Things Sasuke Ever Did, Ranked. Maybe then they’ll understand a little bit about my hatred. A lot of Sasuke's quotes have different meanings depending on the context that you read them in. \"I memorize the more than 100 ideas of a ninja's know-how, and I always wrote down the answers proudly. Sai: Looks can be decieving.” ― Masashi Kishimoto, Naruto, Vol. It's something someone in real life might say when making fun of someone else or being extremely mock-serious. And for a while, I thought I could choose that path instead. Anyone who has ever had a toxic friendship can relate to severing bonds with those who only held them back from reaching their true potential. Many Sasuke quotes are about getting revenge on his brother -, "I know the four of us have worked together. naruto naruto shippuden boruto incorrect boruto quotes incorrect naruto quotes incorrect quotes uchiha sasuke sasuke naruto uzumaki sakura haruno sakura narusaku sasunaru narusasu sns sasusaku team 7 the trio we diD iT first post to 1k first post to 5k 8k 8.5k In Sasuke's constant struggle to choose between his friends and revenge, Sasuke decided that his friends were only holding him back and that he needed to sever his bond with Naruto in order to achieve more power. When Zabuza pointed out that Sasuke was still trembling in fear, Sasuke corrected him, smirking while saying he was "trembling with excitement."

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